Riverview Blvd, Pixie and Sir Paul Kinser...The group...atop the AMI Bridge...and spinning through Pinecrest
enroute to AMI!
    Sporting their new club jerseys are:
Paul, Danette, Keith, Chuck, Tony, Pixie, and Richard


Welcome!  You have come to the home page of the Polk Area Bicycling Association website, enjoy your  visit! 

                                                                                                               Also known as PABA
                            Official website of The Polk Area Bicycling Association



                                                                                                                  Promoting safe bicycling, friendships, and fitness
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 The Polk Area Bicycling Association Mission Statement: 

Promoting safe bicycling, friendships, and fitness!


                   *PABA was voted as one of the top 50 Cycling clubs
                     in the state of Florida by Biking.com.   Click on:   
                   *PABA is now being listed in search engines, particularly Google, from 
                     having the badge of recognition  on  our website and being voted  in the  
                     “Top 50 Cycling Clubs” in Florida.  You will see our club’s website 
                     recognized within the top 10 search engine resu

                   *PABA was featured in the Polk Voice, May 2012 "Biking in Polk County!"

                        *PABA was featured in the celebrity section of the 2010 edition of the  Inside Polk 
                     magazine for the months of July/August!  The topic: 
the joy of riding!
(To view article, go to The Ledger.com, click on Inside Polk at top of page)

                        *PABA was chosen Bike Club of the month for August 2010 by Share the Road 
                     newsletter, a statewide cycling publication!

                  *PABA is a member of the League of American Bicyclists and insures each club 
                    member with liability insurance administered by American Specialty.



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